Free ebook of the week: Going Harvey in the Big House

With this blog entry, I'm starting what I'm planning to have as a regular (weekly, maybe? weekly-ish??) feature on the site for my regular visitors. Each week, I will post a coupon for a free ebook from my spiffy new online store. This coupon will be valid only for the first ten people who use it. The coupon expires after ten uses, so check back here each week and try to be in the first ten. This week's free ebook is "Going Harvey in the Big House," which recently showed up on Kris Rusch's 2011 Recommended Reading List. The coupon code is HARVEY-FREE. Go to "Going Harvey..." in my bookstore, click on the ebook section, select "Going Harvey...", and enter that code in the coupon box on the order page. And if you're late reading this and you find that coupon has expired, you can always use one of the coupons on my specials page. "Going Harvey..." is included in my collection, Chimerascope, which is a current finalist for the 2011 Aurora and 2011 Sunburst Awards. Enjoy!