Memories of the Dead Man (ebook)


Mary and her teenage son, Jase, survive by their own wits in a post-plague Earth. On the run from a vicious gang, they are saved by Bishop, a man with mysterious powers who just may be the Dead Man, the legendary hero of the Fall of Earth. But Bishop’s dark past catches up with them all, forcing Bishop to choose between his love for Mary and Jase, or revenge against the men who killed his family.


Science fiction / fantasy, adventure (novelette)


"All that you want in a sf short story is here from powerful characters, to action, mysterious happenings, and a dark, violent, but excellent tale. … A bittersweet ending adds to the power of the story. (A++)" —Fantasy Book Critic

"…again shows off Smith's flair for the cinematic. … In his preface to the story, Smith announces his plan to write a novel about the Dead Man…I do look forward to reading it." —Strange Horizons

"…has echoes of Stephen King wandering about its post-apocalyptic narrative." —Quill and Quire

"…a wonderful example of the places this author is unafraid to go." —SF Crowsnest Reviews

"…would make a great movie…a unique, post-apocalyptic blend of The Road Warrior and X-Men. … It was very well done." —Tangent Online

"I liked the style and subtleties of the storytelling that kept me firmly on the edge of my seat. … The characters were what really impressed me, though--by a few lines into meeting each one you had a clear and definable presence in your mind." —SF Crowsnest Reviews

Publication History

This story first appeared in On Spec (magazine; Canada; Feb 2006; Winter 2005, #63 vol.17 No.4; ISSN 0843-476X), and is included in Doug's collection Chimerascope (ChiZine Publications; Jan 2010; ISBN 978-0-9813746-1-1; 978-0-9812978-5-9)

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