Aurora Award nominations now open

The nomination period for the 2009 Aurora Awards is now open. The Auroras are fan-voted awards given annually for the best Canadian speculative fiction. Anyone who is a Canadian citizen (not necessarily living in Canada), or a permanent resident may nominate a work. Getting nominated is the first step to appearing on the final voting ballot.

I again have a number of stories eligible to be nominated and, for the first time, a book! Impossibilia is my first collection. It came out in November from the award-winning PS Publishing and has been getting great reviews. It contains two new stories that are also eligible for nomination: "A Bouquet of Flowers in a Vase, by van Gogh" and "Going Down to Lucky Town." You can read reviews of Impossibilia as well as excerpts from both stories here.

Nominate On-Line
This year, you can nominate quickly and easily online at: Nominations close Feb 28.

Eligible Works
Any consideration for an Aurora nomination would be much appreciated. My eligible works this year by nomination category are as follows:

Best Long Form Work in English - 2008:
IMPOSSIBILIA, Douglas Smith, PS Publishing (read reviews)

Best Short Form Work in English - 2008:
"A Bouquet of Flowers in a Vase, by van Gogh," Douglas Smith, IMPOSSIBILIA (read reviews)
"Going Down to Lucky Town," Douglas Smith, IMPOSSIBILIA (read reviews)
"Doorways," Douglas Smith, POSTSCRIPTS #17

A list of all eligible works that may be nominated this year is available at

Finding the Stories
I normally post my eligible stories online, but all of these publications are very recent and the editors wouldn't be very pleased with me if I did that. If you're interested in reading any particular story, both Impossibilia and Postscripts #17 may be ordered from PS Publishing.

Thanks for listening!