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Chimerascope makes a Top 50 list for best SF&F books of 2010

My second collection, Chimerascope, has made a Top 50 list of the best SF&F books in 2010. Warm and fuzzy feelings from being on a list with the likes of one of my short fiction gods, Ted Chiang, and names like Rob Sawyer, Larry Niven, Jack Vance, and many other writers with whom I never expected to be listed.

As far as I can tell, this list appears to be compiled based on the various reviews that all of these books received, so thanks to all of the reviewers who were kind to Chimerascope!

And this is probably a good time to remind you to keep Chimerascope in mind when nominating for the 2011 Aurora Awards!

"By Her Hand..." movie rocks Nerd Remix's "Best of" list has posted its Best Indie Movies of 2010, and the movie adaptation of "By Her Hand, She Draws You Down" swept their short film categories:

Best Short Film “By Her Hand She Draws You Down” Probably the best short I’ve ever seen.Best Actress-Short Film Zoe Daelman Chlanda-“By Her Hand She Draws You Down” Absolutely stunning, ‘nuff said!Best Actor-Short Film Jerry Murdock-“By Her Hand She Draws You Down” Fantastic! Just an awesome, emotional performance.

Best Director-Short Film Anthony G. Sumner-“By Her Hand She Draws You Down” Moody, grim, emotional—this is how it’s done.

Congratulations yet again to Anthony, Zoe, and Jerry, and to producer Alan Rowe Kelly!

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