IMPOSSIBILIA: Another review

I recently came across a new review of my first collection, Impossibilia, this one from Kent Knopp-Schwyn on his Hellnotes site:

On the collection as a whole: "[The] three letter perfect stories behind the expressionist cover art admirably display Mr. Smith’s considerable creativity."

On "Bouquet of Flowers in a Vase, by Van Gogh": "…a beautiful and haunting tale of love, loss and remote viewing. "

On "Spirit Dance": " [example of] the author’s ability to place the possible and impossible side by side to excellent effect in an action packed story."

On "Going Down to Lucky Town": "…[an] enjoyable tale filled with broken and repaired familial ties bound together by a father’s love for his daughter."

Impossibilia was a finalist for the 2009 Aurora Award and can still be ordered in limited numbered signed editions from the publishers, PS Publishing, via my store.