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My Book Catalog

A catalog of all my published works available for purchase. Full length works and short stories. Ebooks and print editions. Includes buying links. If you're interested in buying something I've published, this is where to start.

Detailed Publication List

A complete bibliography of all of my works, including novels, collections, writing guides, plus a detailed history of every short story appearance, original and reprints, English and translated. Published and upcoming, in both chronological order by date of publication, as well as by individual story.

I've included this page for completeness, but it's probably of more interest to me for checking on original publication dates, where a story has appeared, etc., than it is to most readers. However, links to publication covers and reviews are included, as well as buying links.


Read reviews of my fiction, find a book or story that interests you, and then click on its buying link.

Awards and Recognition

The complete list of the awards and nominations I've received for my writing.


Selected interviews with me about my writing, available online. Most recent listed first.

Free Online Fiction

Links to selected audio / podcast and translated (non-English) versions of my stories available online.

By Her Hand, She Draws You Down: The Movie

My short story "By Her Hand, She Draws You Down" was adapted into a short 30-minute film by director, Anthony G. Sumner of TinyCore Pictures. I've pulled together all of the information on the film here onto this page.


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