New fantasy collection in France (and, yeah, in French)

About a year ago, I blogged that Benoît Domis of DreamPress had approached me regarding publishing a collection of my fantasy stories in France.

All the details have now been worked out, and I am very excited to announce that La Danse des Esprits will be published this October and will include thirteen (a good number for a fantasy collection) of my previously published stories, translated into French. Aside from the coolness of having a new collection and in another language, I am particularly excited because of the people involved with this project.

First, it's great to be working with Benoît again. He was formerly the publisher and editor of the excellent French dark fantasy magazine, Ténèbres, in France (now an annual anthology), which published two of my Heroka shapeshifter stories, "Spirit Dance" and "A Bird in the Hand" way back in 2000 and 2001. He's been a fan of my work since then, and always said that one day he would do a collection of my stories. Thanks, Benoît, for your support and for making this happen!

Next, one of my absolute favourite artists, Daniele Sera, agreed to do the cover, shown here. Feast your eyes on the gorgeous job he did! The image (and the collection title) is a nod to my story "Spirit Dance," my first Heroka story and one which won the Aurora in 2001 for best short form in French. Yes, werewolves rock.

Finally, one of my all time favourite authors, Charles de Lint wrote the introduction for the collection. Major fan boy moment. I still can't believe that he graciously agreed to my out-of-the-blue request, and am very grateful to Charles.

Here's the table of contents for the collection, which includes an Aurora winner, five Aurora finalists, a Best New Horror selection, and a new, never published, Heroka story ("Dream Flight"):

  • Spirit Dance
  • The Red Bird
  • By Her Hand, She Draws You Down
  • Memories of the Dead Man
  • A Bird in the Hand
  • Dream Flight
  • The Boys Are Back in Town
  • Out of the Light
  • The Last Ride
  • The Dancer at the Red Door
  • Going Down to Lucky Town
  • A Taste Sweet and Salty
  • A Bouquet of Flowers in a Vase, by Van Gogh

Again, La Danse des Esprits is planned for release from Dreampress in October 2011.

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