The Red Bird

"The Red Bird" reprinted in We Who Are About To Die

We Who Are About to Die coverMy Japanese martial arts fantasy, "The Red Bird," has been reprinted in the anthology, We Who Are About to Die, from Rogue Blades Entertainment.

The antho "examines the theme of ultimate sacrifice as key to heroism. Not only the willingness to sacrifice all, but the act of sacrificing for the greater 'cause' — whatever that may be. Death can be a cost of heroism, but it might not be the greater loss come story’s end. Heroes die. And they lose things greater than life: Family. Freedom. Innocence. Faith. Ideals."

"The Red Bird" was an Aurora Award finalist when it was first published in the fine Canadian speculative fiction magazine, On Spec. It remains one of my favourite stories.

In it, like in the stories in this antho, death does not have to mean defeat and loss does not always equal failure. ... Heroes die and legends are born. A battle is lost to win a war.

I hope you'll check out a fine anthology available here.

Charity anthology for Japan: Healing Waves

Healing Waves (cover at the left) is a just-released charity anthology of short speculative fiction, in both ebook and POD editions. The project was the brain child of Maggie Bonham, publisher of Sky Warrior Book Publishing and editor Phyllis Irene Radford.

All of the proceeds from sales of the anthology will go to this charity in aid of Japan's earthquake and tsunami relief. All of the stories in Healing Waves are speculative fiction and are set in or pertain to Japan.

I'm proud to say that I contributed my story "The Red Bird" to the anthology. Please consider buying a copy of the anthology to support the ongoing relief effort in Japan. You can purchase the anthology through Smashwords. Thanks for your support!

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