For Writers

This section of my site contains a number of resources designed to help other writers.


The Foreign Market List

The one, the only. The world famous FML.

Well, ok, the moderately well-known FML. My list of non-English markets for speculative short fiction around the world, containing almost 50 confirmed markets for English writers in 27 countries.


Selling to Foreign Language Markets

When considering potential markets for their short fiction, many SF&F writers overlook the many non-English language magazines and anthologies published around the world. This article discusses why you might want to consider these markets, and how to go about selling to them.


Translation Sites

These sites perform automated translation of short amounts of text. They don’t even come close to providing perfect translations, so do not try to translate your stories or even your cover letters. However, they're helpful for understanding replies from foreign magazine editors written in their language.


Articles on Writing

This is where I post links to any articles or non-ficton that I write that may be of interest to writers and readers of speculative fiction.