"A Bird in the Hand" on StarShipSofa podcast

A Bird in the Hand ebook coverThe podcast science fiction site, StarShipSofa, recently featured my shapeshifter story "A Bird in the Hand" on their monthly podcast of narrated short fiction. This is the second of my short stories in the Heroka universe, and the first to feature Lilith Hoyl as the protagonist. Lilith appears again in the short story, "Dream Flight."

In "A Bird in the Hand," Lilith awakes to find herself a prisoner in a top-secret government laboratory. To win her freedom, all she needs to do is prove she’s human.

“A very interesting turnaround story, in which our expectations are upended at the last minute. ...a good read, and sadly, far too relevant to our own present world.” —The Billion Light-Year Bookshelf

“...great fun to read” —Dreams and Speculations

“...has a woman fed chemicals to prove whether she’s human or a shape-shifter ... well worth reading.” —SF Crowsnest Reviews

The story is narrated by Nikolle Doolin, and I am really thrilled with the excellent job Nikolle did on the reading. You can listen to it for free here.

If you like the story, it's included in my collection, Chimerascope, and is also available as a stand-alone ebook.