"New Year's Eve" story online again

To mark the start of a new year, I'm featuring my story "New Year's Eve" in my store. The story first appeared in issue #128 of the UK magazine InterZone in 1998. It's one of my early stories – it was only my second sale and my first big sale. The story was short-listed for the Aurora the following year and has since been reprinted five time and in four languages. The story revolves around the so-called Y2k bug, which was hyped to the hysteria level in the years and months running up to 2000.

It's the only story that I've written that draws heavily from my day-job experiences in the tech industry, and probably will be the only one. I write for pleasure, not to spend more time in my job. Hope you enjoy it, but remember, this was one of my first. And as always, comments and feedback are welcome.