"By Her Hand..." Movie: Cath's Sketches

Here's more cool stuff from the upcoming indie movie based on my short story, "By Her Hand, She Draws You Down." The story focuses on a young artist, Cath, and her struggle with a strange hunger that can only be fed by drawing the life force from the subjects that she sketches. In the story, Cath "feeds" directly from the sketches she does. In the movie, Anthony Sumner adds a wonderful visual aspect to this by having the sketches change after Cath feeds from them. Here's a short movie made up of the "after" sketches that were used in the actual movie. The last few images show the progression of two sketches – one for Harry, one of Cath's victims in the story; and the final one of Cath herself. The sketches were done by Drew Willis, a Time/Warner artist commissioned by Anthony for the movie. Enjoy!