The Aurora Awards: Thirty Years of Canadian SF

The Aurora Awards coverWell, I'm a tad late with this update, but I'm way behind on updates in general.

I'd blogged earlier about having my first story, "Spirit Dance," picked for this excellent anthology that celebrates the depth and range of Aurora Award winning short stories over the three decades since the award was first presented in Halifax in 1980.

The anthology includes work by James Alan Gardner, Isaac Szpindel, Eileen Kernaghan, Daniel Sernine, Robert J. Sawyer, Julie Czerneda, Élisabeth Vonarburg, Candas Jane Dorsey, Yves Meynard, David Nickle, Karl Schroeder, Edo Van Belkom, Hayden Trenholm, Laurent McAllister, and of course, myself, with an introduction by Jean-Louis Trudel.

It's wonderful to be included with so many fine Canadian authors, but it's also fun to be in there with so many friends and mentors who have links to my writing.

Julie Czerneda has purchased stories from me wearing her editor hat. Rob Sawyer, along with Carolyn Clink, was the guest editor who originally purchased "Spirit Dance" for Tesseracts6 in 1997. Yves Menard did the translation from Parisian to Quebec French when the story would later appear (as "La Danse des Esprits") in the fine Quebec magazine, Solaris.

The Canadian SF&F community is a small one! This is a great sampling of the best of Canadian speculative fiction, and I heartily recommend that you check it out. From Nanopress in Montreal.