"By Her Hand, She Draws You Down" movie review

There's a great review of Anthony Sumner's film adaptation of my short horror story "By Her Hand, She Draws You Down" at the, uh, The Zombie Rights Campaign site.

Now BHH contains no zombies, so I am touched that ZRC would include a review of the movie on their site dedicated to the rights of the living-challenged. Some extracts from the review:

"A couple of things really stand out about this film. One is how close to a two-man (person? actor?) play it feels; the story here isn’t about visceral scares or some abstract concept of monstrous-ness, but rather is about the death of trust and intimacy between two people who have been growing apart for a long time, even as they are bound together by tragedy and secrets.

The other thing that stuck with me is that the film avoids shallow moralizing ... By Her Hand doesn’t give the audience a chance to summarily reject Cath and Joe in favor of the Normal people. This is their story, and good or bad, they’re recognized as human beings, individuals with thoughts and feelings, who are struggling through a very tough time. ...

By Her Hand is reminiscent of the some of the best in independent horror film to explore this territory; if I had to explain it in the old ‘If you liked X, see Y’, standard, X would probably be Let the Right One In, which should tell you how much I liked By Her Hand."

You can read the entire review here.