Locus Poll Award: Let's show CZP authors some love!

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And if I could suggest, here are the 2010 titles from ChiZine Publications, the most excellent publisher of my recent collection:

  • Chimerascope by Douglas Smith (collection)
  • Chasing the Dragon by Nicholas Kaufman (novella)
  • Thief of Broken Toys by Tim Lebbon (novella)
  • A Book of Tongues by Gemma Files (fantasy/first novel)
  • Katya from the Punk Band by Simon Logan (thriller/SF? novel)
  • Cities of Night by Phil Nutman (collection)
  • Nexus: Ascension by Bob Boyczuk (SF novel)
  • Sarah Court by Craig Davidson (SF novel/collection?)
  • In the Mean Time by Paul Tremblay (collection)
  • Major Karnage by Gord Zajac (SF/First novel)
  • Hair Wreath by Halli Villegas (collection)
  • People Live Still in Cashtown Corners (novella) ...
  • and of course, ChiZine Publications for best Book Publisher. Well, duh...