"Scream Angel" reprinted in Survivor anthology

Survivor anthology coverI'm a tad late in posting this one. My award-winning story, "Scream Angel," was reprinted this past summer as the lead story in the anthology, Survivor, edited by J J Pionke and Mary Anne Mohanraj. About the antho:

Speculative fiction is often about a sense of wonder and escapism, but the realities of life and its traumas can make wonder elusive, and escape difficult to even imagine. 

Editors Mary Anne Mohanraj and J J Pionke bring you stories of people who have endured serious emotional and physical challenges, and who have found new paths forward, learning to both survive and thrive.

The authors featured in this anthology offer more than simple catharsis. These are stories that will evoke wonder, yes, but will also inspire us to look up, full of determination, seeing our spirits lifting higher than the stratosphere.

"Scream Angel" first appeared in the anthology Low Port way back in 2003, published by Meisha Merlin and edited by the fine writing team of Sharon Lee and Steve Miller. The story won the Aurora Award in 2004 and is often mentioned by fans as their favourite story of mine. 

It was the first of my Merged Corporate Entity stories, which include "Enlightenment" (a sequel to this story), "Memories of the Dead Man," "Murphy's Law," and "Jigsaw." "Scream Angel" also appears in my collection, Chimerascope, and is available as a stand-alone ebook at all major retailers.