Dragons! "The Last of a Thing" reprinted in new dragon anthology

Wings of Change coverWings of Change, a cool new dragon-themed anthology, out now from Camden Park Press, has reprinted my environmental dragon tale (no, really), "The Last of a Thing."

"The Last of a Thing" first appeared in the most excellent Canadian magazine, Pulp Literature, in 2016.

I must admit I was a little concerned when I sold the story to Pulp Literature. Most writers, if they've been doing this long enough, have a "market killer" story, a tale that keeps selling but never gets published because the acquiring magazine or anthology dies before they publish your story.

"The Last of a Thing" was my market-killer. I'd sold the story at least three times in the past but... yeah, well, you get it.

But Pulp Literature continues to publish beautiful issues filled with excellent fiction, so I'm happy to say they survived having the excellent taste to buy my tale wink.

I hope you'll check out this new anthology, available from all major retailers here. "The Last of a Thing" was a fairly recent sale, so it does not appear in any of my collections nor is it currently available as an individual ebook.