Foreign Market List updated

I just posted an update in the FML on the Estonian market Algernon. They have a new translations editor along with new submission and contact email addresses. Older email addies had been bouncing.

An "Out of This World" ebook bundle

Out of This World ebook bundle coverMy Aurora Award winner, "Scream Angel," is one of sixteen stories included in the OUT OF THIS WORLD ebook bundle from Bundle Rabbit: It's a great bunch of titles, including multi-award winners like Kristine Kathryn Rusch.

Explore the future and the universe with this exciting bundle of science fiction & fantasy short stories, novellas, and novels. Discover how people will survive, and thrive, as they encounter challenges in outer space or deal with struggles here on Earth.

Mystery and adventure, drama and fear, technology and magic, all have their place in these exciting speculative stories.

Blast away with these fantastical tales to parts unknown and out of this world!

Pay at least $3.99 to get six titles. Pay at least $9.99 to get all 16 titles. I hope you'll check it out. It's a great deal.

Not Only Humans Bundle: Now available at all retailers

Not Only Humans ebook bundleI wrote earlier about being included in the Not Only Humans ebook bundle with a bunch of amazing authors, including best sellers and award winners like Kristine Kathryn Rusch, Dean Wesley Smith, Anthea Sharpe, and Mindy Klasky.

That bundle, containing 12 novels for only $9.99, is no longer available at BundleRabbit. But it is now available for a limited time from all major ebook retailers as follows:

The bundle contains a dozen amazing fantasy and science fiction novels that take you from galaxy spanning alien cultures to the discovery of Bigfoot, gripping stories where humans and non-humans work together, fight each other, and even fall in love. But don't delay. The bundle will only be available at these retailers until mid-July, so don't miss out.

The dozen novels included are:

New ebook bundle: Not Only Humans

Not Only Humans ebook bundle adI'm thrilled to be in another great ebook bundle, with a bunch of amazing authors, including best sellers and award winners like Kristine Kathryn Rusch, Dean Wesley Smith, Anthea Sharpe, and Mindy Klasky.

The bundle is Not Only Humans: a dozen amazing fantasy and science fiction novels that take you from galaxy spanning alien cultures to the discovery of Bigfoot, gripping stories where humans and non-humans work together, fight each other, and even fall in love. And you get to name your own price, plus you can donate 10% of your purchase to the wonderful charity, First Book, and help transform the lives of children.

This bundle is jam-packed with stories from bestselling and award-winning authors for every reader's taste. Robots and faeries. Demons and trolls and vampires. And aliens, aliens, and more aliens.

The dozen novels included are:

Thrills, Chills, and Spills ebook bundle (yes, another one)

Chills, Thrills, and Spills cover montageI'm experiencing an embarrassment of riches of late. My collection, Chimerascope, is part of another new ebook bundle from BundleRabbit. This bundle is called "Chills, Thrills and Spills." It's a great collection and bargain (even if they don't use the Oxford comma...sigh) and is available here.

The 12-book bundle offers over $60 worth of novels, novellas and short stories. It's a bundle that is "guaranteed to make you feel uncomfortable, create that sense of ‘something-isn’t-right-here’ or just plain scare you. The ‘Chills, Thrills and Spills’ bundle covers horror, thrillers and fantasy and is sure to keep you awake at night."

$5 gets you the first six books. Pay more than $12 and you’ll get six additional books, including "a short story anthology featuring Kelley Armstrong, James Alan Gardner and others" (one of the "others" is me. The antho in question is the excellent Mark Leslie-edited Canadian horror anthology, Campus Frights, which includes my Springsteen-titled story "Radio Nowhere."). Plus "a collection from an Aurora winner author" (uh, that would be me again) and best-selling writer, Dean Wesley Smith. And, I'll add, if you want more Canadian content, the wonderful Toronto writer, Rebecca Senese, also has a book in the bundle, A Reluctance of Blood.

Ebook bundles like this one (and Zombies and Monsters and Gods, posted yesterday) offer a great way to pick up great books at an incredible savings, as well as letting you discover new authors while enjoying some of your favourites. I hope you'll check out the bundle here.

Zombies and Monsters and Gods (oh my!)

Zombies and Monsters and Gods coversMy urban fantasy shapeshifter novel, The Wolf at the End of the World, is one of the books you can pick up in a brand new ebook bundle from the equally brand new Bundle Rabbit site.

The Zombies and Monsters and Gods bundle gives you almost $50 worth of the best urban fantasy for a price of only...well, that's up to you. Pay at least $5 and you'll get the first five books. Pay at least $15, and you get all ten titles. All books are DRM-free and available in all major formats (epub, Kindle, PDF).

Check out the bundle here. But don't wait too long. This bundle is only available for a limited time, and then it's gone.

Only 2 days left on great deal on best in Canadian SF&F

Aurora Ebook BundleYou only have two more days to get a great deal on  ten books that fans voted to be the best examples of speculative fiction by Canadian writers.

The ebook bundle from containing winners and finalists for Canada's premier speculative fiction award, the Aurora Award, will only be available until April 21.

You'll get a great mix of SF and fantasy, adult and YA novels, as well as a selection of short fiction. The bundle also reflects the long history of the Auroras, with titles spanning over twenty years of Canadian speculative fiction. Here's what's in the bundle...

Author Interview: Simon Rose

Simon Rose photoMy guest today is Simon Rose, author of science fiction and fantasy novels for children and young adults. Simon’s books include The Alchemist's Portrait , The Sorcerer's Letterbox, The Clone Conspiracy, The Emerald Curse, The Heretic's Tomb, The Doomsday Mask, The Time Camera, The Sphere of Septimus, Flashback, and the recently published Future Imperfect.

Tell us about your latest novel.

Future Imperfect coverFuture Imperfect is an exciting technology-driven adventure featuring teenage geniuses, corporate espionage, and mysterious messages. In the novel, we’re introduced to Andrew Mitchell, who was one of the leading experts in highly advanced technology in Silicon Valley, until he vanished following a car accident, which also injured his son, Alex. When a mysterious app later appears on Alex’s phone, he and his friend Stephanie embark on a terrifying journey involving secret technology, corporate espionage, kidnapping, and murder in a desperate bid to save the future from the sinister Veronica Castlewood.

This sounds very exciting. Why do you think kids will enjoy Future Imperfect?

The story will appeal to all young readers for whom technology plays such a large role in their lives, whether it’s cell phones, laptops, tablets, gaming, or the online world, but it’s also a very compelling adventure story, with lots of cliffhangers, twists, and turns. There might even be a couple of sequels, but we’ll wait and see what the future holds, I guess.

Where can people buy the book?

Aurora Award Ebook Bundle Spotlight: Chimerascope

Chimerascope coverAnd now the final entry in my series on Storybundle's excellent ebook bundle of Aurora Award winners and finalists. And it's my own collection, Chimerascope.

Setting modesty aside (tough to do for a Canadian), if you look at the list of Aurora Award winners and finalists over the years, you'll see my name a total of nineteen times, including three wins. Chimerascope was a finalist for the Aurora Award, the juried Sunburst Award, and the CBC Bookies Award. Chimerascope also contains one of my Aurora Award winning short stories, "Scream Angel," along with seven other Aurora Award finalist stories and a Best New Horror selection.

It contains sixteen stories of fantasy and science fiction that take you from love in fourteenth-century Japan to humanity’s last stand, from virtual reality to the end of reality, from alien drug addictions to a dinner where a man loses everything.

Chimerascope [ki-meer-uh-skohp] — a story of many parts...

  •     A young artist hungers to draw you.
  •     A dinner conversation takes three lifetimes to finish.
  •     A geologist faces a planet-sized, eons-old puzzle to save her crew.
  •     The hero of the Fall of Earth must choose between love and revenge.
  •     A mysterious dancer leads a businessman to a most exclusive nightclub.
  •     A man is born each day into a new life—only to die each night.
  •     A sentient aurora threatens the last of humanity.
  •     A Norse god’s bar in Toronto hosts an unplanned family reunion.
  •     A woman descends into insanity—or is it the end of the world?
  •     A house as big as the world.

Some selected reviews:

Aurora Award Ebook Bundle Spotlight: The Tattooed Witch

The Tattooed Witch coverNext up in my series on the books available in Storybundle's excellent ebook bundle of Aurora Award winners and finalists is Susan MacGregor's The Tattooed Witch. 

I first met Susan when she edited my short story "The Walker of the Shifting Borderland" for the fine Canadian speculative fiction magazine, On Spec. Susan's excellent suggestions and editing played a major role in that story winning the Aurora in 2013. But Susan is not only an editor, but also an excellent writer. I'm delighted to be able to include this wonderful example of Susan's writing, the first book in her Tattooed Witch fantasy trilogy set during the Spanish Inquisition and infused with Romany culture of the time.


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