"Scream Angel" to appear in "best of" Circus anthology: Fantasy Under the Big Top

My award-winning novelette, "Scream Angel," will appear in the reprint anthology, Circus: Fantasy Under the Big Top, which will feature the best circus-themed stories that editor Ekatarina Sedia could find. Check out the draft cover to the left and the table of contents below. I'm thrilled to see my little tale in the company of stories by such a fine list of authors.

  • “Something About a Death, Something About a Fire” Peter Straub
  • “Smoke & Mirrors” Amanda Downum
  • “Calliope: A Steam Romance” Andrew J McKiernan
  • “Welcome to the Greatest Show in the Universe” Deborah Walker
  • “Vanishing Act” E. Catherine Tobler
  • “Quin’s Shanghai Circus” Jeff VanderMeer
  • “Scream Angel” Douglas Smith
  • “The Vostrasovitch Clockwork Animal and Traveling Forest Show at the End of the World” Jessica Reisman
  • “Study, for Solo Piano” Genevieve Valentine
  • “Making My Entrance Again with My Usual Flair” Ken Scholes
  • “The Quest” Barry B. Longyear
  • “26 Monkeys, Also the Abyss” Kij Johnson
  • “Courting the Queen of Sheba” Amanda C. Davis
  • “Circus Circus” Eric Witchey
  • “Phantasy Moste Grotesk” Felicity Dowker
  • “Learning to Leave” Christopher Barzak
  • “Ginny Sweethips’ Flying Circus” Neal Barrett Jr
  • “The Aarne-Thompson Classification Revue” Holly Black
  • “Manipulating Paper Birds” Cate Gardner
  • “Winter Quarters” Howard Waldrop

"Scream Angel" first appeared in the anthology Low Port, edited by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller (Meisha Merlin, 2003) and won the Aurora Award for best short fiction in 2004. It's included in my collection, Chimerascope. Check out its full publication history and reviews, or buy an ebook copy of the story.

My story gets flushed -- in a good way

My story "Nothing" has been reprinted yet again, this time in an anthology of flash fiction entitled, er, Flush Fiction, from the nice and talented people who publish Uncle John's Bathroom Reader.

The antho is subtitled "88 Short-Short Stories You Can Read in a Single Sitting." Not sure why 88, unless perhaps Uncle John keeps a piano in his bathroom.

Anyway, you can check it out here on Amazon. Go on—buy a copy and keep it in your bathroom. Even if you don't like the stories, you never know when some extra paper will come in handy (just don't use pages 156-159, please).

Recognize this cover artist for this new anthology?

My story "Nothing" has been reprinted again, this time in the charity flash fiction horror anthology, Slices of Flesh, edited by Stan Swanson. I was very happy to have a story of mine selected and to be able to contribute to a good cause. However, when I got my contributor's copy and saw the cover, I was even more thrilled. Check it out at the left.

Recognize that style? Familiar, yes? That's because the cover artist was none other than Mike Mignola of Hellboy comics fame. A very cool surprise bonus to having a story picked.

Net proceeds from the Slices of Flesh anthology go to a variety of charities chosen by the publisher, Dark Moon Books, including various reading and literacy programs, the Horror Writers Association Hardship Fund, and the Stephen and Tabitha King Foundation. The anthology is available for purchase at Amazon.

Charity anthology for Japan: Healing Waves

Healing Waves (cover at the left) is a just-released charity anthology of short speculative fiction, in both ebook and POD editions. The project was the brain child of Maggie Bonham, publisher of Sky Warrior Book Publishing and editor Phyllis Irene Radford.

All of the proceeds from sales of the anthology will go to this charity in aid of Japan's earthquake and tsunami relief. All of the stories in Healing Waves are speculative fiction and are set in or pertain to Japan.

I'm proud to say that I contributed my story "The Red Bird" to the anthology. Please consider buying a copy of the anthology to support the ongoing relief effort in Japan. You can purchase the anthology through Smashwords. Thanks for your support!

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